Parse Firepeak

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Character sheet: Parse Firepeak


Parse is a tall human with fire-red hair, a neat (by dwarven standards) fire-red beard, and fire-red eyes. All of these are a blessing of his deity, who clearly has chosen Parse as her champion on this realm.


Parse was found as boy, orphaned by some unknown assailants, in a ransacked cart, hiding behind a large shield and clutching a sharp rapier. While the shield and the rapier are the only two heirlooms that Parse has of his true, biological family, he considers them merely tools to be employed when necessary.

The man thinks of himself first as a dwarf before he does a human, as does his adopted family. As a hugely respected member of the Firepeak clan and the noble third son of the heir family, Parse has never had problems within dwarven culture and has time and time again proven extremely useful in the production of Firepeak alcoholic products.

At a young age, Parse was chosen by the dwarven fire elemental goddess, Vetrix, as her champion, and has since trained for years in her teachings, including with the use of her holy weapon, the cask-lash. This honour is the main reason why he joined his older brother, Thoradin, in adventuring rather than keeping to his family’s home.

Since hitting the road, Parse has gathered a small following of individuals drawn to the Paladin’s light. He is accompanied by Hammdaer, a dwarven squire; Glorivit, a dwarven cook; and Berboc, a gnomish cleaner.

Parse Firepeak

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