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Character Sheet: Melech




Melech came into this world as many Tieflings do; viewed with suspicion and acrimony. With his kin spread all across the world, having no particular enclave, he had to learn to make do among the races which distrusted him.

Fortunately at an early age he discovered academia and magic, and was able to focus his mind on the greater mysteries of the universe. When he was old enough and sufficiently learned he applied as an undergraduate to the University of Cildareth.

His studies forced him to collaborate with many others he would have normally shied away from and his shared passions with his fellow students, and later, colleagues, helped engender within him a tolerance for the other races which he might otherwise have lacked.

Indeed, his fellow scholars of magic viewed him no differently than they would any other interested soul. He even grew to enjoy their company so much that he learned their languages in order to communicate better with them.

However he longed to travel the world in order to discover more of the mysteries of the universe; his thirst for knowledge only second to his desire to bring renown to the University of Cildareth as the foremost school of magic in all of Katagma.

But, he knew that, outside of the walls of his university he would be treated with the fear and suspicion he had grown up with. Thus, to prepare for his journey, he began to study the arts of Evocation, in order to better protect him from the slings and arrows he might face. He resolved to keep the open-mindedness and tolerance he’d learned during his formative time at the university but as they say: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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