Mallark Greycastle

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Character sheet: Mallark Greycastle


Mallark is well-built for a human, standing at almost 6’ tall and weighing to match. His head is kept shaved, a mark of his position as a Brother of Breon. His clothing is practical, with a worn set of armour marked with the symbols of his order – the most impressive being the emblem of the Rising Sun.


Mallark is a Wandering Brother of Breon, one of the twin gods of life and death.

His journey with Breon started at a young age, his parents sending him to the temple at a young age to join the brotherhood. His formative years were uneventful, he was neither exceptional or terrible in his studies. He was somewhat known for some ‘poor’ interactions with other students and after being appointed a Brother, decided to pursue a isolated journey to become a member of the clergy.

It was this choice that led him to be the guardian of the Finger of Breon, a set of ancient temples said to be where Breon was reunited with his sister, Aphosias, the Twin of Death. Far above the northern border of Eldwamann, his job was to study and protect the temples from anyone who wished them harm.

To anyone who asks, Mallark will only talk of his time at the Finger of Breon in the most basic of terms, being even more opaque than his normal reclusive nature would suggest. It’s known that the Finger was attacked by an unknown raiding party of drow origin, causing irreparable damage to the temples. Mallark tried to defend against the attack but whether by luck, intercession or sadistic humour from the drow, survived with barely a scratch.

The loss of the temples and Mallark’s apparent lack of defence caused consternation amongst the head clergy. Unable to prove or refute Mallark’s story, he was designated a Wandering Brother, tasked with “finding what was lost”. An outcast without being cast out, he has since travelled looking for evidence of the drow party that attacked him.

Mallark Greycastle

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