Lafrey Brightwood

Mother of Amafey Craftwolf and renowned performer

About 25 years before the events of Defenders of Northwatch, Lafrey was as close as you could get to a household name. News of her travels swept before her and members of any of the civilized races would pack their taverns when she came to visit. She both sang and played the flute with some accounts claiming she was able to do both at the same time. When news of her coming came to Blue Willow tavern in Ousseaeplith, Laucian Lybrar crafted a new flute as a gift to her. They later started travelling together, married and had a child.

While in Northern Ustia, an Orc Raid separated her from her husband and child. She volunteered to help the soldiers fend off the raid, knowing the benefits her music could bring, but was not seen or heard from again.

Since then, she has not been seen in public and there are now few people would likely remember her name.

Lafrey Brightwood

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