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The Free Cities of Eldwamann

Cities, Towns, Villages and Hamlets



Villages and Hamlets

Eldwamann Deities

  • Vetrix – Dwarven goddess of the flame.


Major Guilds

Minor Guilds

Eldwamann is a nation that has a primary focus on personal wealth and trading. With many neighbours easily accessible by sea, Eldwamann as set itself as the hub of all activity in Katagma. Eldwamann is filled with large bustling metropolitan cities, each trying to outdo the other in riches. Races from all over Katagma mix here. This is to such an extent, that many people argue over who’s homeland Eldwamann originally is.

Morals for the residents of Eldwamann are largely determined by what is profitable. The richest being able to get away with literally murder with enough bribes. While certain trade goods being banned, such as in slaves, would suggest there are limits to what is acceptable, enough gold greasing the right palms can get anyone anything in the cities of Eldwamann.

While all the nations of Katagma do deal with Eldwamann, many see it as purely a necessity. Their lack of allegiance, and ability to be bought makes other nations far from trusting of their dealings. They can all be sure though, that if there is profit to be made, someone in Eldwamann will be happy to help.


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