The Shards of Breon

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…and as Breon and Aphosias reunited, the darkness of Aphosias’ heart made Breon’s radiant light shine ever brighter.
-extract from the teachings of Breon

The Shards of Breon are a set of magical artifacts, created when Breon and his sister Aphosias reunited. On reuniting with his sister, it was with a heavy heart that Breon had to banish her forever to prevent her insatiable appetite for death from destroying all living things on Katagma.

Expending all of his power, Breon banished his sister, shattering himself into many shards, and casting Aphosias to one of Katagma’s moon, now called Aphosias. These shards scattered about the globe, regenerating the mostly barren landscape.

Banished to the moon, and trapped within, Aphosias no longer has the power she once did, restoring the natural balance of life and death. Some say if ever the shards are reunited, then the power gathered will be enough to summon Aphosias back down to Katagma

The Shards of Breon

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