Lands of Katagma

Thoradins Letters Home: Oldden Part One
The Hunt for Giant Bee Honey

Dear Father and Mother,
I hope this letter reaches you well.

My brother Parsnip and I are well, we’re still travelling with our adventuring party. As always, Carric and I get in the way of each other trying to sell our wares and true to his name Despair has yet to lighten up.

We recently escorted a merchant to a small town named Oldden, a quaint little human settlement just to the east of our home. They seem to mostly produce dairy, although they do have a local craft beer. Not bad for a small town like this but it’s a little bit too heavy on the hops.

Anyway, our client was kind of enough to tell us that Oldden’s general merchant, a boisterous fellow by the name of Linus, had plenty of work for adventurers such as us. Indeed, we talked to Linus and he told us that the town had a nearby giant bee infestation. Rather than just merely clear out the infestation, he instead asked us to bring him back the honey of these bees. Apparently it’s quite the delicacy! So much so that he’s willing to pay our group 60gp to fetch it for him. It would hardly dent our family’s coffers of course, but it’s the most money I’ve seen since I started this adventurers life.

Continued here: Thoradins Letters Home: Oldden Part Two


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