Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [6] - The Painting at Last!

I waited for the others outside and then we made our way back to the stream. The area definitely seemed more brambly than I recalled. Maybe the corruption the fey mentioned. Nevertheless we continued to head upstream as before.

After about an hour walking along the rocky shore a worm like creature jumps out attacking me. It missed its first strike but taken off guard I also miss my retaliation. It lashed out again this time hitting me before grabbing hold and biting me hard in the shoulder. I staggered a bit but managed to shake it off. Tis but a scratch, nothing I couldn’t handle. Melech’s magic missiles struck it moments before Beiro moved in slashing at it with one of his hand axes. Why the hell is he not using his long sword I wondered. I was beginning to question his decision making…

Amafey began playing some energizing music and my focus was restored, the pain in my shoulder but a minor inconvenience! Amafey lunged forward attempting to stab it with her rapier, but was wide of the mark. Maybe she should stick to music? My next swing with my long sword struck home, cutting it deeply. It switched targets and struck out towards Beiro. It however fell short and missed before being finished by another wave of Melech’s missiles.

Amafey informed us the creature was called a Grick. Having taken quite a nasty bite it was agreed that I would rest while Amafey and Beiro searched for the Grick’s lair. Melech stayed behind and helped patch me up. Amafey and Beiro returned later having been unable to find the lair. We rested and had lunch while I regained some of my strength.

We set off again after about an hour and soon came across a large fortified house set in a clearing. Maybe the house of the fey friend? The house itself looks fairly recently built and quite well kept. Amafey walked up to the front door and tried to get the attention of anyone inside. Beiro had tried to follow but Melech stopped him. Probably best we don’t crowd the door as I could see it had murder holes above it.

As Amafey was having no luck I decided to walk over the try the door. It was unlocked! I shouted in but got no response. We decided as the door was open we would wait to see if anyone was around. After a while however I was convinced no one was going to come and decided to enter the house and look around. The others objected but I saw no point in waiting more. The door was unlocked so the owner was likely inside in one state or another.

I pushed the front further open and went In. As I did so a suit of armour slammed into me pinning me to the wall. A sword, that looked like it was flying, slashed me cutting quite deep. Beiro rather than helping grabbed hold of me pulling me back out the building! I objected but he was determined. The armour and sword did not pursue.

I wanted to go back in a finish the job but reluctantly agreed to withdraw. The others decided that we would rest till morning and then attempt to enter the house again. Melech said he needed time to prepare new spells and form a plan of attack.

We first scouted the outside of the building looking for a arrow slit that would give an angle on the armour. None was to be found however and we would have to use the direct approach. Not that I have much objection to this mind you!

I lead through the front door and was immediately set on again by the armour. This time however we were ready. Melech cast a spell I had never seen before, electrical energy pulsated through the air striking the armour and sword. The sword was blocking the way in so I struck out at it. After a couple of blows it shattered to the ground and I managed to push further in. This allowed the others to enter. After quite a few more blows and a stab through the visor by Amafey, the armour crumpled to the ground.

I looked up and noticed a huge painting on the opposite wall, it looked like the one we had been looking for!


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