Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [4] - Crown of the Forest Queen

Amafey’s starting speaking, presumable to a fey, switching between various languages, none of which I could understand. Not being of much immediate use and with the other seemly occupied I kept watch. After a while a small dragon flew out clutching something and was out of sight before I could react.

Beiro and Amafey climbed back down to meet us on the ground. Amafey showed us a crown she had found and explained that it could change size. Indeed as she handed it to Melech is grow larger, big enough to fit on his head. We took a break while Melech examined the item. He was able to determine that it was the crown of the Forest Queen. It would enable wearer to speak Sylvan and the fey would consider it a sign of friendship. It was decided that I would wear the crown being the only human.

After some discussion I managed to convince the others we had not fully searched the hall and needed to do so. We all climbed back up the second floor and gave it a thorough second search. Nothing new was found but best to rule everything else. We then continued down a side door that lead down some stairs to the back of the hall. We had not been able to search there.

As I exited the door at the bottom of the stairs shrieking erupted and something struck me hard in the face. A fungi was just behind the door and had lashed out. I slashed back at the fungi with my long sword striking it hard. The fungi burst into flame, presumable a spell cash by Melech. It seemed dead at this point however shrieking continued and I could see another fungi up ahead.

A javelin flew over my head striking the second fungi. I whipped out my bow, shooting an arrow at it. It struck home and the shrieking ceased. We inspected the fountain seeing a statue that seemed to be of the Forest Queen wearing the very crown I had on. I thought as the crown was magic it might interact with the statue in someway. But my efforts were fruitless and met with scornful remarks from Melech. Wizards always seem somewhat imperious.

Seeing there was nothing important we had missed before we left the hall and rested while I tended my wounds. After about an hour and a brief discussion, it was agreed that we would head further into the wood. We started followed the stream up from the hall, using it as something to guide us. After sometime of uneventful walking I heard a thud as something struck Melech in the chest.


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