Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [2] - Road to Westpine

As the First Sow Celebration drew to a close my new companions and I agreed to meet at the The Fallow Sow on the morn to prepare for the mission. I headed back to the barracks to sleep, somewhat drunk from the celebration I was quickly so.

The next day I met the others at the tavern as agreed. We discussed plans for the day over breakfast. Beiro and I would shop for necessary items for travel while Amafey and Melech would do some research in the local library. I questioned what time that day we would be leaving. However it turned out Amafey had made a deal to perform tonight in return for staying at the tavern for free. Thus we would be staying an extra night in Coombesgate.

Berio and I headed to the local stores purchasing two tents, some tools and additional water skins. Berio also got some sorely needed new clothes. We then headed back to Tavern and spent the rest of morning and early afternoon quietly drinking, Berio isn’t much of a talker. Amafey and Melech arrived back and it seemed it was time for Amafey’s performance.

This time the performance was far from subpar and one the very best I had ever heard! Maybe I was wrong to question Amafey’s usefulness? Soon the tavern was rammed and the drink was flowing, with me and my companions getting free drinks all night!

The next day we set out early on the road to Westpine. With the road being well built we made good time, with Berio and I walking at the front and Amafey and Melech behind. Berio and I walked in silence while the other two chatted. I wasn’t feel that good after days of drinking and wasn’t really in the mood for talking.

Further along the road amid a copse of trees a hooded figure approached demanding all our coin to allow us to pass. Bloody bandits! Instinctively I reached for my sword but stopped as he pointed out his four companions armed with short bows among the trees. It didn’t look like the odds were in our favor.

I attempted to persuaded the bandit leader to let us through but to no avail, he was determined. Amafey then offer to perform for them in exchange for passage, probably an attempt to use some bardic magic, but the bandit refused. She then put down her instrument and rapier, took out her coin purse and approached the bandit leader. An offer of a toll was rejected and Amafey switched tack attempting to seduce the man! She managed to approach without him objecting and suddenly drew a knife stabbing him in the chest.

Then all hell broke loose as the other four bandits opened fire down upon us. I drew my bow shooting back and hitting one of the bandits among the tree. The bandit leader had drawn his sword and slashed at Amafey sending her staggering backwards. Suddenly darts of energy struck some of the bandits, presumably magic cast by Melech. I saw Berio out the corner of my eye throwing a Javelin striking another.

I further volley of arrows was fired from the trees, with Berio and I firing back. Two of the bandits were hit and fell. During the exchange however Melech had also been hit and crumpling to the ground with an arrow in the side.

The other two bandit archers, having seen their companions fall, turned and fled.

I then heard flute music and felt a weird sensation, presumable Amafey had dealt with the bandit leader and was performing some kind of magic. Berio throw a Javelin after one of the fleeing men striking him in the leg, however he did not fall and we let them go.

Amafey rushed over to aid Melech while me and Berio dispatched of the fallen bandits, searching them for anything useful. We found nothing much, other than a bit of coin. So we carried Melech out of the trees into a clearing and rested while we waited for him to come around.

We continued along the road without further trouble stopping to camp when night fell. We headed out again in the morning. The day remained uneventful until around midday when we came across a dwarven blacksmith with his wagon stuck in the ditch. He requested our help in unloading the wagon and Amafey quickly offered up out assistance. Berio and I set about helping with the heavier items.

Once the wagon was empty we attempted to pull it out of the ditch, but alas without success. The dwarf informed us one of the axles was broken and asked we help lift and support the wagon so he could fix it.

I am beginning to wonder at the point if we need to leave him and press on to Westpine before we have to spend another night on the road…


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