Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [18] - Saping Hell

We continue deeper into the maze. I hear some rustling and weird clicking noises. It sounded like it was coming from the hedge of the maze. I had a quick look around for it. The others said they hadn’t heard or seen anything. We continued at a more cautious pace further into the maze.

Some time later, the others stop. It seems they have spotted something. Melech informs us it is a Child of the Briar. I use the crown to speak Sylvan and try persuade it to speak to us.

We eventually entice it to speak to us by offering it a trade. It will guide us to the centre of the maze in exchange for the copper chalice we previously found and some of Beiro’s blood.

We follow it to the centre of the maze leaving a trail of string behind us. It stops suddenly and informs us that around the corner is a clearing where the dryad can be found. It takes some of Beriro’s blood but didn’t really provide us much information in return for it. I guess we didn’t really make a good deal. Wasn’t my blood though!

The Child of the Briar promptly leaves and I take a peek around the corner. There is indeed a clearing and in the centre what looks like a massive tree fashioned into a house. We cautiously enter the clearing.

The dryad approaches us threatening to kill us before firing magic missiles at Melech. Melech blocked these easily and the dryad retreated into the tree house. I enter the free house and continue up a spiral staircase that seemed to be hewn out of the trunk. The tree didn’t look in that good health.

Beiro follows me up the stairs with the others behind. So weird being of humanoid form forms in front of me. Seemingly from the tree sap. It attacks me landing heavy blows. I fail to focus and keep missing with my sword. The others were having more luck hitting it. One more set of blows and the next thing I know I am waking up at the bottom of the stairs.

Melech seems to think it wise to retreat!


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