Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [17] - Into the Maze

We entered into the maze and followed a strategy of turning left at each junction. Amafey and Melech insisted this was guaranteed to get us to the middle. Not wishing to get lost we split a rope to make a large ball of string. We would mark our route with it.

After sometime in the maze I heard a noise behind me. Two weird vein beings attacked me. They kept grabbing me and preventing me from attacking. It seemed the others were busy fighting something else. I managed to hit it a few times but it refused to go down. It managed to land a heavy blow on me, downing me.

I woke a short time later. It seemed I had been knocked out and the others were finsing off the vein beings. After the battle Melech informed us that they were blights.

We continue into the maze and came to a deadend. There was a pixie stuck in some kind of cage. I stood guard while the others attempted to free and help it. A short while later I heard a commotion and a the pixie comes flying past. I was wearing the crown so shouted out in Sylvan and managed to convince it to come back.

It sits on my shoulder and we learn from it the dryad is here and as we expected been corrupted. I tell it that it should leave and can find the way out by following the string we had marked our route with. It leave and we discussed what to do next. We come to the agreement that we should continue deeper into the maze.


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