Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [16] - Kick in the shins

We continued north at a slow pace. After a few hours Beiro stopped and informed us there was a clearing up ahead. I began to argue with Melech about what our approach should be but Amafey told us to be quite.

Approaching the clearing there were several orc corpses and a fallen tree. The tree was weird looking and maybe capable of walking. It was probably what killed the orcs.

Suddenly I heard heavy stomping heading in our direction. The others fled from the clearing back into the woods. Bloody cowards… Especially Beiro, isn’t he supposed to be able to fight?

Into the clearing came a short humanoid with huge boots and a red hat. He threatened to cut me down, I doubt it! While I did get knocked down, only temporarily, by a dishonorable kick to the shins, I was soon up fighting again and the red hatted midget was soon dead.

It seemed that another one of them had entered the clearing. With assistance from spells cast by both Amafey and Melech, Beiro and I made short work of him as well.

We discussed what to do next before deciding to camp for the night further back in the woods. Before leaving though Beiro and I decided to take one of the pair of boots. Melech objected to it but we were carrying them so what could he do…

Melech and I setup camp while Amafey and Beiro headed into the woods to forage and collect firewood. When I went to look in my bag however something was off. My mess kit was gone! Melech checked his bag and found that his ink had been split all over it. Seems the Fey were up to their usual pointless tricks.

Amafey and Beiro returned and we informed them about the happenings. It was decided I should call out in Sylvan and try deal with the situation. So I did and there was a sudden blue flash before I was slapped across the face! Giggling followed and what ever it was fled back into the woods. I wasn’t amused, now having nothing to eat my dinner from. Amafey played some music and sang in Sylvan. Presumably to try attract the Fey again. It was a good performance but I was glad it didn’t work as I was in no mood for more of the Fey’s tomfoolery.

We turned in for the night with Amafey taking the first watch. I was awaken a short time into my sleep by some sort of commotion. Going outside Amafey was looking rather perturbed. Amafey informed us that the Satyrs from before and come to the camp and maybe tried to abduct her. At this point I was rather tired and was pondering if Amafey’s abduction might have been the preferable outcome. Trying to shake such ideas from my head I mumbled something about being more careful before going back off to bed.

The next day we continued north, the thorns were growing even thicker and made for slow progress. After some hours we hit what looked like a thorn wall. There were orc corpses stuck in it at points. We followed the wall before coming to an opening. An archway of kinds into what looked like a maze.


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