Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [15] - Back in Westpine

We headed back to Westpine and entered the tavern. The back door was still unlocked. Having had enough of all the messing around I just settled down for a few pints of ale. Amafey, Beiro and Melech headed out into the village to locate the village elder or something like that.

The bandits stayed behind and drank as well, looking rather dejected. I left them alone. I hope to soon be rid of them. After a while Beiro and Melech returned to tavern and joined in he drinking. Amafey was with the village elder telling him of our defeat of the hag.

Some while later we heard a commotion outside. A man on a horse wearing the barron’s colours had arrived. He began shouting out a message about the Orcs having taken Norcragden and that the villagers should prepare. Old news to us.

He left as quickly as he had come and I returned to the tavern. It seemed Amafey had finished telling our story to the village elder. The elder had agreed to Amafey’s plan of giving the tavern to the bandits.

We discussed what to do next. I had wanted to return to Coombesgate. The hag had been killed after all and there wasn’t anything left to be gained here. However the others insisted that we stay and deal the corruptions. I was about ready to split from them but Amafey promised there might be some gold in it for me. Never wanting to miss the opportunity to earn some easy coin I agreed to stay with them awhile longer.

We headed back into the forest and headed north in search of the dryad.


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