Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [13] - Final Flail

I let loose with a few arrows hitting the hag, before drawing my sword and moving in for the attack. The hag threw to the ground two toy tin soldiers, which turned into two full sized ones. She then moved as to retreat away from us. Amafey began to play one of her tunes and one of the tin soldiers began to glow. Beiro and I, with help from the hirelings arrows, made short work of the tin soldiers.

I looked up to see Melech pursuing the hag. The hag reached out touching a tree before vanishing. Amafey cast a spell in an attempt to reveal her, but to no avail. Melech pulled out a scroll of see invisibly and using its power directed us after the hag.

As I ran in the direction of the hag I heard a commotion behind. The tree that had been touched by the hag had become animated and was attacking the others, knocking out Melech with a heavy blow. I turned around and ran back to engage the tree.

The hirelings had manged to hit with a few arrows and Amafey was playing music again causing the arrow heads to glow. This set fire to the tree and it began to lashing out wildly. I moved cutting at it with my sword. The tree was badly fire damaged and crashed to ground under my blows.

Amafey had revived Melech and we began to seek the hag again. Melech couldn’t see her anymore but we set of in the direction we had seen her going. We enter a clearing and we saw the hag’s house up ahead. She was standing in the doorway, so naturally I drew my bow and shot an arrow at her. It sail through her, just a bloody illusion. Never mind her tricks won’t work forever.

A number of scarecrows were directly in front of the house so we split up to go around them. Amafey and I, along with a few hirelings headed to the right, while Beiro, Melech and others went left. As we got closer to the house the shutters slammed shut. Beiro approached the front door and attempted to gain entry but the door proved too much for him. Melech kindly assisted with a spell and we gained access, seeing the hag in the now open doorway. Feeling a sudden surge of surety I fired off an arrow before charging into the house. The hag was blocking the way preventing the others getting an angle of attack. I gave her a shove back into the cottage before moving in for the kill. The others followed and we soon had her cornered, inflicting heavy damage upon her.

Suddenly the hag somehow managed to move through the wall! I wasn’t going to let her get away and sprinted back out the house and around the side. It seems Amafey had been standing directly where the hag had try to exit through the wall and had blocked her getaway.

I swung my flail landing a heavy blow, shattering the hag’s skull all over the wall. NICE.


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