Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [1] - First Sow Celebration

After a few days staying at the barrack in Coombesgate I received an invite from the Barron to his feast celebrating the First Sow. I stayed around in Coombesgate awaiting it, mainly spent drinking and gambling in the taverns. When the time came I made my way over to feast, presented my invite and was shown to my seat.

I was sat next to the captain of the guard, Harvey Springman. We conversed about the new Steward and his soldiers up at Norcragden. The food was plentiful and so was the drink so I soon became rather tipsy. Which was probably for the best as the entertainment was somewhat subpar.

After the meal the Barron approached me and asked for my help in retrieving a painting depicting Uster from a manor house on the outskirts of the fey woods. The Barron then introduced me to a tiefling by the name of Melech, some kind of university wizard who would be able to help me with the task.

Somewhat rudely, a ragged looking Elf then comes over and interrupted us, clearly having been eavesdropping on the conversation. Then would you believe, another Elf, one of the entertainers from before appears. One way or another both Elves also end up being recruited by the Barron. I did question their usefulness but to no avail.

So now it seems there will be four of us.


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