Lands of Katagma

Amafey's Notes [1] - Arrival at Northwatch

After weeks of travel from Larrillian, briefly stopping in Dormarsh, Beiro and I finally reached the town of Coombesgate. We had been told by the locals of Dormarsh that the Baron was to be holding a feast and would be looking for entertainment, so this seemed like a good opportunity to start making a name for myself in these parts.

Upon arriving at Coombesgate, we found a guard who was helping to find last minute entertainment for the festival. I decided to perform one of my trusty favourite songs and made perhaps the best performance of my life. Clearly impressed, the guard gave me an invite for the feast, to be held that evening.

Beiro and I made our way to the nearest tavern, the Fallow Sow, in order to set up for . On the way, a little girl approached us, selling sweet pastries for the festival, made by her mother. She seemed innocent enough and they were fairly priced, so both Beiro and I had one each. They were pretty tasty, but nothing to write home about. We proceeded to the tavern and I bought us a round, giving me the opportunity to chat with the barkeep. I wanted to try and write a song about the Baron for his feast, so wanted to gather some information, although all the barkeep was able to tell us was that the baron was bald and had a mustache. Well, I suppose that was something to work with. I made some notes while finishing the beer and Beiro bought us the next round.

While working on my notes, I heard someone come into the tavern and a hush fall over the room. Turning around, I saw what I presumed must be a tiefling, stopped in the doorway. I had never seen one before, but having read about them in the library, this guy seemed to fit the bill. He made his way over to the bar and the noise level resumed. He requested some wine from the barkeep and addressed Beiro and myself in elvish, which both surprised and impressed me. We spoke briefly and it seems as though he’s a scholar from a university in Eldwamman and had been invited to the feast by the Baron as well. We bid each other good day and he retreated to a table elsewhere in the tavern.

Having come up with some inspiration for the song, including the lines “We are gathered here for the feast of sow, the time has come for our hunger to go”, I asked the barkeep about the opportunity to practice in the tavern in exchange for keep for the night. He obliged and I made a shaky but adequate performance of the new song. The barkeep just seemed happy it was a different song from the one the local bard always plays, so gave Beiro and I a room for the night.

We made our way to the feast and, after having persuaded the doormen that Beiro was needed to accompany me, we took some time to mingle with the crowd. The food at the feast itself was exquisite, I’ve not had food this good since leaving Kennrylatin, although it was a little richer than what I had at home. I was seated near the baron and had a lot of people asking for stories of Larillian. From my little pocket of the woods, I didn’t really feel like I had any great stories and certainly know little of the political situation at the moment, but they seemed sated by my retellings of old Uster legends and a couple of fey stories I remember reading back in the great library.

At last it was time for my performance. People had started to mingle, so I was to be more background music, but I was determined I could make an impact with a great performance. However, the butterflies in my stomach, weighted a bit more heavily than normal after the feast, stopped me from performing at my best. It wasn’t terrible, people were too drunk to care that I missed a note or two, but I know I didn’t have the kind of impact I was hoping for, nobody’s going to remember me tomorrow.

My set finished and somewhat crestfallen, I decided to seek out Beiro to see what he had gotten up to. I found him conversing with the Baron and the tiefling from earlier, whose name I now got was Melech. It turns out he baron is after a painting depicting Uster and an elf hero from the same time period, apparently residing in a manor house on the outskirts of the fey woods. This kind of adventure sounds right up my street, so I volunteered the both of us to join the party that was to retrieve it.


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