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The Baronies of Ustia

The Baronies of Ustia are characterised by large tracts of well tilled farm land. These lands, tended by the common populace lie under the care of the Barons and Baronesses of the High Court. Each barony is largely autonomous, with the central High Court mainly concerned with the small disputes that occur between baronies, and with dealing with international relations.


Race Percentage Roll d100
Human 86% 1-86
Halfling 5% 87-91
Half-Elf 3% 92-94
Elf 2% 95-96
Dwarf 2% 97-98
Half-Orc 1% 99
Other 1% 100

High Court

King/Queen Barony
n/a n/a
Steward/ess Barony
Steward Drevan n/a
Baron Barony
Baron Ramsgate III Northwatch
Barrett Poldeson Eastmeer

Major Cities



Current Ruler(s): Steward Drevan
Govermental System: Steward/ess in lieu of a King/Queen supported by multiple baronies.


Historic Politics

The border between Ustia and Larillian has been a long standing and peaceful one. The elves of Larillian do not care much for the well tilled grassy farm lands of Ustia, and similarly the common folk have enough woodlands and forest to supply ample wood, that they need not encroach on the outskirts of the sacred wood.

While far from friendly, the two nations have maintained a long standing sense of mutual respect for the others way of life. Trading between the two nations is rare, due to the lack of interest on the part of Larillian. Some Elvish items from Larillian do however make it to Ustia and are highly sought after and used as a sign of wealth or elven kinship.

Current Political Situation

The political climate between the nations has become more frosty as of late. The usual ambassadors from Larillian have not made their appearances in the High Court of Ustia for a number of years.

Ustia has tried to reach out to its neighbour, sending ambassadors of its own, but to no avail. All ambassadors sent either never return, or say that they have been chased off from the sacred woods by fearsome monsters, powerful magic or even the elves themselves.





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