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Northwatch lies on the North-Eastern border of Ustia. Its main function is as a border watch to the northern hills, which contain many orcs. Lately the orcish raids have become more fierce, and frequent, and Steward Drevan has posted a permanent garrison in Norcragden to defend against these attacks.

Aside from acting as a border guard, Northwatch also provides shipments of iron and minerals from its mines on its northern border. These mines are the primary target of the orcish raids, and the primary concern of the Steward’s Watch.

Due to the large amount of orcish raids, Northwatch has a higher than normal population of half-orcs, and many of the half-orcs of Ustia hail from this barony. Though more common, they still evoke fear and distrust, and many rumours of them being spies for the northern orcs follow any half-orc in the region.

It is said of Northwatch, that this is where the final climactic battles of the last King of Ustia, Uster took place between his allied armies, and the hordes of the feral northern orcs. Legends tell of many treasures and artefacts are hidden in the region from these historic events.

Baron: Baron Ramsgate III







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