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Kennyrlatin is a large Wood Elf town, lying in Northeastern Larillian. It is widely considered to be the second-largest wood-elf settlement in the region, second to the capital of Ousseaeplith, but it’s exactly location remains a secret to pretty much anyone outside Larillian. Even many High elves are unaware of its existence

It consists of numerous buildings hidden among the treetops, with walkways between them. The wood elves uncanny ability to hide themselves in the trees has been extended to the town and only the keenest of observers would be able to distinguish the town from any of the surrounding forest

These features make it a safe haven for any wood elves wishing to escape from the perils of the wider world. As a result, it has been used as a forward lookout point for times gone by, able to alert the populace of Ousseaeplith without being in danger itself

In addition, this makes it much suited to certain facilities than the capital. A great library sitting amongst the tree-tops holds much of the wood-elf knowledge and publications, from written knowledge about which plants to use for rare ailments, to epic tales of elven heroes of old. Hidden away in Kennyrlatin, the library is considered safe both from harm and prying eyes.

Notable Places

Golden Apple Tavern – Tavern


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