Thoradin Firepeak


Thoradin Firepeak, as the name suggests, comes from the esteemed Firepeak clan of Firepeak mountain. Being one of the founding families of the hold, the Firepeaks set themselves up in one of the most important roles in a Dwarven hold, the brewmasters. Since then all Firepeaks, including Thoradin have been dedicated to creating and selling Firepeak Ale and Firepeak whiskey.

At an early age Thoradin showed a talent for the arcane, and promise of becoming a capable wizard. With the vast wealth of the Firepeak clan, his parents were able to import the best gnome tutors all the way from Daenolor to harness his talent.

Thoradin is the 2nd son of the Firepeak clan. With his elder brother Ferrodin in line to inherit the business, and not being able to be married off like his sisters; Thoradin, feeling unnecessary for the business, has taken to helping sell Firepeak to anyone and everyone he comes across. With every tavern and inn near to Firepeak selling their wares, Thoradin began travelling, with his human ‘brother’ Parse by his side.

Thoradin Firepeak

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