Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [7] - Pain in my soldier

Having found the painting I suggested we should return it to the Barron as soon as possible. Amafey however seemed to think dealing with the hang and the corruption in the forest was more important. Melech agreed with me however. We were being paid to retrieve the painting and nothing else. We did however agree to search the rest of the house first.

We thoroughly searched the ground floor finding nothing of particular interest, just the usual items and rooms expected in such a house. The state of the larder though confirmed it had been abandoned for some time.

We proceeded up the stairs to the next level and entered a room filled with various ornaments. I noticed what seemed to the another copy of the painting ahead on the wall! As I stepped forward into the room, without warning, the carpet I was upon came to life and attacked me. It wrapped around me tightly and I struggled to breath, I could hear some of my ribs cracking. I heard Melech cast a spell an felt a searing pain across my body and cried out. The carpet didn’t seem that affected by the spell.

I managed to shake the carpet off but was unable to hit with my sword. It lunged back towards me wrapping itself around, crushing me again. I felt another wave of pain wash over me, Melech had cast another spell, he seemed not to know or care it was harming me also…

The next thing I remember is waking up outside the house again. Amafey explained that Melech had also been knocked out by the carpet, but Beiro and her had managed to defeat it, before dragging us to safety. As there seemed to be at least a second copy of the painting Amafey wanted to reenter the house and examine the one on the ground floor. Melech and I were reluctant to enter again but I said I would cover the stairs through one of the arrow slits.

As Amafey reached out and touched the painting I heard a strange noise and she yelled out. The painting wasn’t a painting at all, but a mimic! I sprinted around to the front and entered the house again to confront it. Amafey had been knocked unconscious and was being dragged to safety by Beiro. I let loose with my bow hitting the mimic before drawing my sword and moving into to attack. Beiro put Amafey down in the doorway before drawing his sword to join in the fight. Between us we managed to kill the mimic.

We decided to rest again while Amafey recovered and then proceeded back into the house once again.


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