Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [12] - The Unweaving Begins

Sadly the drinking and dancing had to draw to a close as we needed to continue on and find the unicorn. The satyrs seemed genuinely sad that we had to leave. Before doing so we had another attempt at asking them some questions. This time we had more luck. They had never heard of Old Mother Basket but did give us possible location of a unicorn. They only told us because I was wearing the crown and thus could be considered a friend.

We headed south in search of the glade in which the satyrs had said the unicorn dwelled. A short time later we came across a large glass like trail across our path. Looking up the trail I saw an enormous snail. Melech informed us it was a Flail snail.

I jumped across the trail and pocketed a shard of glass from it. Could be useful at some point… We headed further south and came across the glade the satyrs had described. A unicorn was grazing seemingly unaware of our presence. I approached and spoke to it in Sylvan using the crowns ability. We had a lengthy discussion about the hag and her mission. The unicorn lead us to concluded the hag was probably not actually as powerful as we had assumed and was instead largely relying on trickery and cajolement.

Melech suddenly has an epiphany about Old Mother Basket and via magic message informs us she is probably scrying upon Amafey and by extension the rest of us. It explains how she always seemed one step ahead! We hatch a plan between us using Melechs message ability. We really have no choice but to kill her.

We staged an attempt to kill the unicorn which was actually a cover for Amafey to cast a spell revealing and thus confirming the scry. We would continue to pretend to be doing Mother Basket’s bidding while actually maneuvering in to kill her.

We headed back to the fey friend’s house pretending that we were returning for the night in order to set out again on the morrow to hunt for another unicorn. We openly discussed our predicament with the unicorn to keep Mother Basket misinformed of our true intentions. In morning Amafey, as planned using message headed out alone to find Mother Basket. The idea was for Amafey to distract her with a true but diversionary tale about not wanting to kill a unicorn and seeking a different agreement.

We followed about fifteen minutes behind and approached the spot where Mother Basket’s cottage was meant to be. The cottage was gone but Amafey was there speaking to mother basket. We hadn’t been stealthy enough and Mother Basket spotted us ruining our chances of a surprise attack!

Well nothing left to do but fight.


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