Lands of Katagma

Baldwin Rumwald's Notes [10] - Notched Blade

After acquiring a new shield, longbow and some supplies I headed to the barracks to speak to Harvey Springman. He was however not much help. He couldn’t provide me with any information about the fall of Norcragden nor was he interested in helping out with the bandit issue. Not much of a “Captain of the guard”. I wouldn’t want to be in Coombesgate if it ever got attacked.

I head back to the Fallow Sow and settle down to an afternoon of playing cards and drinking. I managed to win a few games but the winnings were hardly worth writing home about. Beiro was also around, keeping to himself as usual.

In the evening Amafey arrived back at the Tavern for her performance. I noticed Smordin was now in the Tavern and headed over to talk to him about getting a sword made in exchange for the master work token. Beiro followed me over and between us we agreed to get a longsword made and that it would take around 10 days. I mentioned that I was also an aspiring blacksmith. Smordin seemed somewhat amused by this, I guess he didn’t think I would be any kind of competition. Anyway it’s not if I had the tools and more coin can be made by fighting these days. Smordin mentioned that Melech had wished him to translate some of Dwarven writing he had. As he didn’t seem to be about I offered to go get him.

After collecting Melech from upstairs we headed back towards Smordin’s table. Some of the stewards men were trying to curry favor with him. Presumably they wanted new weapons. Melech’s presence seemed to upset them somewhat. harsh words were exchanged and I half thought I would have to bash some heads in. Smordin however managed to deescalate the situation by stating he wound’t make weapons for any of the men if they caused Melech harm. The marched off and left us alone.

Not that interested in Dwarven fairy stuff I went back to drinking. It certainly was getting crowded it seemed Amafey was on top form tonight. Just after midnight I headed up to bed.

The next day we woke early and deliberated about what to do with the day ahead. I acquiesced to Amafey plan, I didn’t really have my own after all. Amafey and I first disguised ourselves before heading to the Notched Blade tavern. I wasn’t convinced of the need but it couldn’t hurt.

We got to the tavern and found the bandits. After a short exchange we convinced them to follow us back to the square where Beiro and Melech were waiting. We revealed who we were, they seemed genuinely surprised. Obviously not the most observant bunch. Introductions were made and a discussion ensued. After eliminating other options it was decided we would hire them as extra swords. I objected but was out voted by the rest of the group. I would have to keep a close eye on them.

We bought the required extra tents and supplies, loaded up the cart and set off back to Westpine. I was at the back of the group expecting them to turn on us once out the city. However the journey was uneventful and we made camp at the nightfall. The following morning we continued on to Westpine.


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